A Film by Jeff Schaap

Concept Teaser Trailer

It's been said that the victors write the history books. Names like Apple, IBM, Atari and Tandy are well known as the titans of the earliest days of the home computer wars. However, the lesser known Commodore 64 is without question the single most influential force in the birth of the market. The impact it's has had on millions of people continues to be felt today.

Other films have focused on the history of Commodore and the main figures in the company itself. By contrast, I Adore My 64 will feature people within the communities that continue to keep the Commodore 64's legacy alive and well today.

The Film's Storytelling Approach

The film will intertwine a series a of vignettes about individuals who have been impacted by their intersection with the Commodore 64. Collectors, product developers, video game and software designers will all share their personal stories about why they came to love this unique machine. While some historical information will be presented for the benefit of the uninitiated the film's primary focus will be on the undying commitment of the community that exists around the Commodore 64 today. This is not a history film but a love letter to an incredibly influential piece of technology that was decades ahead of its time.

About the Filmmaker

A passionate visual story teller with over 25 years experience Jeff Schaap grew up with the Commodore 64 as his first home computer. From playing video games to programming and creating homespun videos much of his youth was spent interacting with his Commodore 64 and later a 64C. During his college career the video editing system he trained on was a NewTek Video Toaster based on the Commodore Amiga 2000. Today, Jeff works as a filmmaker producing mini-documentaries for a global non-profit. However, he also relives his youthful enthusiasm for the Commodore as he collects, repairs, restores and resells Commodore 64's and related hardware. Some of Jeff's previous work can be seen here:

Production News

November 16, 2021

It's officially begun! Flight, hotel and other details have been purchased. The first production trip for I Adore My 64 is December 11, 2021! We'll be capturing two of the three interviews needed to build the preview of the film for a Kickstarter campaign.

October 17, 2021

This project has really sprouted wings. Today, a third interviewee has agreed to appear in the preview of the film . It's another notable figure in the Commodore world who has a respectable collection of Commodore devices and some very rare items. They're only about three hours drive from our base of operations and we're dialoging about when we can conduct an interview.

September 28, 2021

Another huge development! A second major figure in the Commodore and retro computer community has agreed to be interviewed. We don't want to spoil the surprise but we will say that this individual runs a very popular YouTube channel that has over a million followers. We plan to shoot this interview during the same trip we capture the first interviewee. Plans are in motion for this to happen in late 2021.

September 2021

It's happening! We've taken a huge leap toward turning this project into reality!

It's with great excitement that we're announcing that a well known figure within the Commodore 64 community has agreed to be interviewed for the launch preview of the film. In turn, the interview and associated footage will be developed into a vignette that will exemplify what the final film will look and feel like. Once complete it will be used to help promote the official Kickstarter campaign for the film.

May 2021

Presently, I Adore My 64 is seeking funding and reaching out to potential interviewees for the film. If you are personally connected to someone that you feel should be considered for an interview please contact us via the form below.

September 2020

Concept development and initial research is underway. A concept teaser trailer for the film has been released.